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Features of the Tobias bass guitars

Killer B 4-String

Left-handed design, unlined fretless fingerboard, stereo jack, gold-plated hardware and chrome-plated hardware are available on all models. (Note: there is no upcharge for gold or chrome hardware on the Signature and Classic).

The standard Tobias finish is natural, hand-rubbed oil. Urethane finish is available as an option in these colors: Clear, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Black.


    All Tobias guitars have the same control layout:
  • Mid cut/boost switch allows you to boost or cut midrange (except Growler)
  • Pan Pot pickup mixer to balance between the neck and bridge pickups
  • Master Volume and push/pull Slap Tone switch
  • Bass control
  • Mid-range control
  • Treble control

Tobias Asym Neck
Unlike most bass companies who use a popular guitar neck design with fat strings, Tobias considers a bass player’s special needs. The Asym neck is asymmetrically contoured for a bass player’s hand to increase playability and reduce hand fatigue. You have to play an Asym neck to appreciate the difference. You’ll never find another neck that feels as good as a Tobias!

Neck-offers the superior Asym™ neck with dual truss rods
musical instruments image
Competitor’s Neck Other manufacturers use a single truss rod and a symmetrical neck
Compet neck

Dual Truss Rods
Every Tobias neck has dual truss rods for greater stability. The additional strength of the neck ensures consistent action.

MultiLam Neck Construction
Every Tobias bass guitar has a MultiLam neck. MultiLam necks add strength and remove the risk of neck twisting common to conventional one-piece necks. Our necks range from three-piece to nine-piece.MultiLam nine-piece neck

Two types of fingerboard woods: Pau Ferro and Wenge. These are the finest fingerboard woods, adding further dimension to your sound.Pau Ferro

All these musical instruments have the distinctive Tobias omega-cutout headstock shape with an Abalone or Mother-of-Pearl inlay. No decals or silk screens are used on the 2003 line. The volute of the headstock adds extra strength in one of the most vital areas of the neck to increase neck stability and reduces the risk of breakage.

Tuning Keys
Tobias bass guitars use Grover tuning keys on all models. These keys are known for smoothness of operation and dependability.tuning keys

The bridge adds the final touch to the neck/string relationship. All Tobias basses guitars come standard with ABM massive brass bridges that optimize stability and sound. The ABM bridge gives you full control over saddle height, intonation and lateral adjustments for each string. The ABM bridge will give you that tight low-B sound you expect from a bass with a longer scale.Tobias bass guitar

The Signature, Classic, Basic and Killer B models all use dual Bartolini Pickups. The Growler uses a single Bartolini Quad Coil pickup.


The Tobias Story

Mike Tobias began making custom guitars and basses in his music store in Orlando, Florida, in 1977. His instruments featured innovations in every facet of bass design. Combinations of exotic tone woods gave bassists a wide range of natural tonalities to choose from, so that each instrument could be tailored for the individual player. Ergonomic improvements, such as the deeply sculpted body and the asymmetrical neck, enhanced the feeling that each bass was made to fit the individual player.
He relocated to California in 1980 and eventually settled in the Hollywood area. By 1990, with demand for the Tobias bass guitars growing far faster than production capability, Tobias joined the Gibson family of musical instruments.
Gibson moved production to Nashville in 1992, and although Mike left the company, Gibson continues to raise industry standards for design, quality and performance with Tobias basses, highlighted by the 2003 debut of a new generation of basses made in Conway, Arkansas.

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