Takamine Jasmine ES31C Acoustic Electric Guitar Review :: Acoustic-Electric Guitar

a bright and clear acoustic sound + a clean and distinct bass and treble range.

Takamine Jasmine ES31C Guitar

The Takamine Jasmine ES31C Guitar is an acoustic-electric gloss black cutaway. On board electronics manufactured by the acoustic-electric leader Takamine guitars. The spruce top and mahogany back and sides provide a bright and clear acoustic sound. If you could see inside a Jasmine Dreadnought by Takamine, you’d see its true beauty. Skilled craftsmen, using time-tested construction methods along with contemporary styling, have created acoustic/electrics with powerful resonance. Thanks to built-in preamps and sensitive pickups, these instruments have a clean and distinct bass and treble range.

Features + Technical Specs
Body ShapeDreadnought Cutaway
TunersChrome Diecast
Neck materialsNato
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