Takamine ESF48C Santa Fe series Guitar Review :: Acoustic Guitar

natural woods and brilliant design with concert-hall quality


Natural woods and brilliant design with concert-hall quality. The Takamine ESF48C Acoustic Guitar features a solid spruce top with specially engineered bracing delivers a natural, full, round timbre with plenty of volume and projection for larger halls. A built-in high-end pre-amp precisely translates the nuances of that natural tone to your amp or PA. Solid rosewood back and rosewood sides provide a warm presence and great looks. The ebony fretboard is smooth and silky, augmenting the warm tone of this guitar. With its balanced tone, warm sound and comfortable size the Takamine ESF48C Guitar is a consistent favorite of players. This NEX cutaway is lavishly detailed with laser-cut American eagle inlays on the deluxe ebony fingerboard that are complemented by a black crow rosette. The Takamine ESF48C Guitar features also a solid rosewood back and sides produce deep, resonant bass notes; rich mids; and articulately detailed treble, and it’s all faithfully amplified via the CT-4B electronics. Gold and amber pearl tuners are a sweet finishing touch.

Features + Technical Specs
Body ShapeNEX Cutaway
TopSolid Spruce
Fret InlayLaser-cut American Eagles
BackSolid Rosewood
RosetteLaser-cut Wood and Steel
TunersGold & Amber Pearl
FinishesGloss Natural
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