Takamine EG560CB Acoustic Electric Guitar Review :: Acoustic-Electric Guitar

an artist body cutaway with Spruce top

Takamine EG560CB Guitar

The Takamine EG560CB Guitar has an artist body cutaway with Spruce top, Nato back and sides and Blue Sunburst finish. The fingerboard is coated with something that just makes your fingers glide down the neck, and the built in tuner lets you wail on it, then just turn down, tune, and wham you’re back in the game. The TK4NT preamp gives you a tunable notch filter, switchable midrange contour and on-board tuner.

Features + Technical Specs
Body ShapeFXC Cutaway
Back & SidesNato
RosetteConcentric Rings
ElectronicsTK4NT Preamp
FinishesBlue Sunburst
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