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the notch filter allows you to dial in a setting to eliminate feedback issues.

Takamine EG523SC

The Takamine EG523SC Acoustic Electric Guitar has outstanding sound by itself or plugged in. The Takamine EG523SC Acoustic Electric Guitar features a Solid Spruce top, Block MOP and Abalone inlays, Flamed Maple back and sides, Rosewood fingerboard, and chrome tuners. The G Series offers more sizes, colors, woods than in any other family of models. The TK4N preamp gives you a tunable notch filter and switchable midrange contour. The notch filter allows you to dial in a setting to eliminate feedback issues. It does this by cutting out harsh frequencies that are inherent in amplified acoustics. Active electronics with onboard EQ translate all that tone into the electrical world with total fidelity. The onboard chromatic tuner is very convenient and easy to use.
All together an absolutely gorgeous guitar.


  • controls are good and solid;
  • the preamp is very nice, and seems quite flexible;
  • the wood on the guitar is awesome;
  • it has a bright, clear sound;
  • the finish is flawless;
  • the guitar looks and feels very durable.


  • some owners complained that it came with a strap peg only on the bottom;
  • some owners complained that does not have an auto off feature;
  • a few some complained that the strings were very high from the fret board.


  • sounds very good unplugged, but plugged in it sounds better;
  • change the strings, maybe lighter gauge strings;
  • you can use the Elixers strings.

Amps used by users – Roland AC60, Crate CA60, Digitech RP50, Crate DG Modeling

Features + Technical Specs
Body ShapeJumbo C/A
TopSolid Spruce
Fret Inlay(565) Block MOP and Abalone
ControlsTK4NT Preamp
FinishesNatural, Blue, Black, Red

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