Takamine Bass EG512C Guitar Review :: Bass Guitar

all topped off with an incredible electronics system.

EG512C Bass Guitar

The Takamine bass EG512C features a spruce top and nato (natural finish) back & sides, all topped off with an incredible electronics system. The onboard TK-4N Preamplifier features a built-in tuner; volume control; bass, middle and treble frequency slider controls; EQ bypass; a Notch Filter and a Mid Contour Switch. The tuner in the TK4N-T is fully chromatic and automatic. It is an outstanding acoustic bass with the Takamine heritage and industry-leading quality construction.

Features + Technical Specs
Body ShapeJumbo Cutaway
InlaysNone Dots
Back & SidesNato
RosetteConcentric Rings
ElectronicsTK4NT Preamp
FinishesGloss Natural

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