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the sound is excellent for this price range

Takamine EG240

The Takamine EG240 Guitar is a Dreadnought/Gloss acoustic with nato back and sides, spruce top and bound fingerboard. For its price, the Takamine EG240 Guitar could easily be the best acoustic-electric dreadnought in the world. The Takamine EG240 Guitar features also chrome tuning machines and Takamine DJ2 electronics.
Play a G Series guitar and you’re apt to think it’s one of the finest acoustic/electrics made. If there is one guitar that usually winds up being your first guitar, or the guitar in your collection you play most often, it’s the Dreadnought.


  • the sound is excellent for this price range;
  • is good for a starter guitar;
  • most owners was happy with the factory strings;
  • the craftsmanship is clean.


  • the bass doesn’t sound too good after a while;
  • has a passive preamp, that’s not very controable;
  • pickups are pretty ineffective.


  • because the bridge comes from the factory with a shim underneith, take it out! to lower the action;
  • maybe you’ll need the zoom box to combat a tiny sound that happens when you amp the guitar.
  • recommended this guitar to beginners and intermediate players
  • play it through some PA stuff but it sounds really neat if you couple that with an acoustic effects pedal

Amps used by users – Peavey, Rogue

Features + Technical Specs
Body ShapeDreadnought
Fret InlayDots
RosetteConcentric Rings

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