Rocktron – Rocktron Black Cat Moan Wah Pedal Review :: Guitar Effects Reviews

The best of Rocktron with great wah and great distortion.

Wah Pedals

The best of Rocktron with great wah and great distortion, and sounds good combined. The Black Cat Moan is a multifunctional wah pedal that offers extremely useful and musical features. It accommodates standard guitars, basses, and can jump into a high-distortion mix and really tear things up! Its germanium diodes provide a unique sweepable sonic effect–the Moan–that can act as a standalone distortion or be combined with the wah for an effect that cries harder and sweeter than a baby. The Moan effect will be most apparent when using a heavier distortion. The effect can sometimes be subtle depending on the natural harmonics of your guitar or bass.

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