PedalSnake – Stage Magic 2211G2 PedalSnakeG2 with 1 GLine 1 PLine Review :: Guitar Effects Reviews

A special shielding scheme ensures low-noise..

PedalSnake–the patented all-in-one FX pedal cable–eliminates all the cable mess between your stomp boxes and amp–saving you time and giving a super clean stage appearance. MIDI, footswitch lines, GuitarLines (GLines), and standard 2.1mm (like Boss) PowerLines (PLines) all come in a single flexible snake cable. A special shielding scheme ensures low-noise. PedalSnakeG2 is plug’n’play and easily adapts to rig changes. The G2 base snake is 22′ long and has 4 color-coded channels with 5-pin MIDI-type connectors. G2 pigtails plug directly into the G2 base snake channels. PedalSnakeG2 MIDI is 5-Pin, 3-wire with no phantom power (MIDI3). To use a G2 channel for MIDI, just leave the pigtails off.
Set includes the G2 plus one Guitarline pigtail and one Powerline pigtail.


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