Ovation CC026 Celebrity Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Review :: Ovation Acoustic Electric Guitar

a great acoustic sound, easy to amplify.

Ovation CC026 Celebrity Cutaway

The Ovation CC026 Celebrity Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar has a great acoustic sound, easy to amplify. The equalizer allows you to choose the sound you want you can get that nice warm bright acoustic-electric sound or go with a more shallow tinny sound. With the cutaway you can reach any fret with ease, if you so desire. The OP-11 preamp is neat, with a volum, mid, bass, and treble setting, and a button to switch between preamp setting and regular amplifier settings. With a minimum hassle you can adjust preamp and amp and get a killer sound. The Ovation CC026 Celebrity Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar has a deep bowl, cutaway, thinline mic with OP11 preamp. It came with a Ovation molded case. It has a laminated spruce top, rosewood fretboard, nato-neck. The deep bowl gives it great projection though. This is a great buy for the beginner and active or any type of level guitarist great for the low price.


  • the sound is very good and rich acoustic with a both bass and treble;
  • the finish is very good;
  • this guitar is very reliable;
  • the strong neck on this guitar combined with the rugged round back will give many years of durability;
  • volume levels are well balanced between high strings and low;
  • very playable neck for an acoustic.


  • the action is fairly low;
  • some owners complained that is hard to find a case for it;
  • the pickup is not so usefull for an acoustic;
  • some people don’t like the roundbacks;
  • some owners complained about heavy strings;


  • use other strings, ex. the DiAddario strings;
  • if the action is fairly low, you could downtune 1/2 step and use a capo on the first fret, so the action will be very low with minimal buzz;
  • record with mics, don’t use the pickup;
  • if the strings vibrate too bad, you can raise the action.

Amps used by users – MG15DFX Marshall, Johnson Repton 30 watt guitar amp, Crate bass 160 watt amp, Roland Cube 30

Features + Technical Specs
BracingA Brace
Body TypeMid-Depth Cutaway
TopSpruce or Mahogany
Scale Length25 1/4
Nutwidth1 11/16
Fret InlayDots
RosetteOvation Oakleaf
FinishesBlack, Natural

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