Ovation 1778T-RF Elite T Series Guitar Review :: Acoustic-Electric Guitar

look and feel more appealing to electric players.

Ovation 1778T-RF

The USA made Elite T Series is designed as an alternative to the traditional Ovation Elite series. Shedding the classic multi-piece hardwood epaulet sound hold decorations, this Ovation 1778T-RF Elite T model incorporates a simpler, untrimmed, 11-hole pattern that enhances the low and mid range punch. The rock maple neck profile has also been slimmed down to give it a look and feel more appealing to electric players. Rich, bright and super quiet, the OP30 raises the bar in its class. There’s also a Pre-Shape circuit that not only lifts the bass and treble, but also reduces “rumble” from frequencies below 40Hz. An ultra light, yet incredibly durable, textured enamel finish is wrapped around the entire back and top.

Features + Technical Specs
BracingOvation LX
Body TypeMid-Depth Cutaway
TopSolid Spruce
Scale Length25 1/4
FretboardBound Ebony
Fret InlayNone
PickupOvation Slimline
Nutwidth1 11/16
RosetteMulti Soundhole 11 hole configuration – bass side
FinishesRed Flame
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