Maxon – Maxon ROD881 Real Tube Overdrive/Distortion Review :: Guitar Effects Reviews

Works like an additional preamp for your amplifier.

ROD881 Real Tube

Works like an additional preamp for your amplifier. Combine with various drive settings on your amp for powerful tone shaping. Hand-selected 12AX7WXT preamp tube. Switchable distortion mode adds a secondary gain stage for extreme distortion. Gain and master volume controls provide a wide variety of overdrive tones, from clean boost all the way to searing, saturated sag. Bass, treble, and mid boost controls with extended operation ranges offer a limitless array of tonal options, from the classic “808” tone to beefy, low-end chunk. Noise-free tone via rear-mounted, switchable noise reduction circuitry with variable threshold control and a 1:2 noise reduction ratio. Powered via a standard 9-volt DC adapter, allowing easy integration into your pedalboard or rack setup.

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