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incredibly low signal-to-noise ratio and full-bandwidth frequency response.

D&S Distortion

3 controls (distortion, tone, and balance) provide a wide variety of distortion effects, from subtle overdrive to extreme fuzz — all with incredibly low signal-to-noise ratio and full-bandwidth frequency response. Unlike many transistor-based units that are basically “one trick ponies,” the D&S can produce a wide variety of distortion voicings, from heavy and thick drive suggestive of a vacuum tube amplifier to extreme vintage fuzz. Most notable about the D&S is that no matter what the setting, it will retain your guitar’s original tone and picking response. In addition, the D&S provides excellent note-to-note definition, allowing complex chord voicings to ring clear and quick solo passages to remain fluid and precise. The secret to the D&S’ versatile tone and natural response lies in two key areas of its circuit. First, the D&S uses a special Hi Boost/Hi Cut, negative feedback tone control that retains low end response while adding razor-sharp clarity to notes. Second, the D&S uses high-grade, low noise Toshiba 2SC1815 transistors which allow for more intense distortion with minimal noise or signal degradation. The combination of these elements gives the D&S the capability of producing huge amounts of distortion with minimal alteration to your guitar’s tone.
For high-gain distortion tone with long sustain and excellent note clarity, the D&S Distortion & Sustainer ranks among the classics.

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