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believe it or not, it LIGHTS UP!

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The Ibanez JEM20TH Steve Vai Limited Edition Guitar commemorates two decades (1987 – 2007) of the extraordinary and ground-breaking JEM Series of electric guitars. But this time his JEM isn’t the original basswood or the later alder. It’s made of something completely different, it’s got completely new pickups … and believe it or not, it LIGHTS UP! Contoured body with 24-fret Prestige neck provides easy access to all registers. Deep routed tremolo cavities allow pitches to be radically lowered and raised.&nbsp. Vai’s choice of specific DiMarzio® pickups for this musical instrument combined with Ibanez Split-5 wiring provide incredible tonal versatility. Steve Vai’s Universe – the guitar that ignited 7-string revolution – allows almost effortless transition from 6- to 7-string techniques.

Unique Features of Ibanez JEM20TH Steve Vai 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar:

– 5pc JEM Prestige neck,
– Hand-made acrylic resin body,
– 3D multi-color body inside,
– 6105 frets,
– Edge Pro bridge,
– DiMarzio Trans JEM pickups.

Features + Technical Specs
Model Name JEM20TH Steve Vai 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
Series Steve Vai Series
Body Hand-made acrylic resin : 3D multi-color inside
Neck 5pc JEM Prestige neck
Neck Type JEM Prestige
Fingerboard Rosewood, Radius 430mm
Frets 6105 frets
Inlay Pearl/ Abalone Vine
Pickups NeckPU: DiMarzio Trans JEM
BridgePU: DiMarzio Trans JEM
MiddlePU: DiMarzio Trans JEM
Bridge Edge Pro bridge
Hardware Chrome
Scale Length 648 mm (25.5”)
Width at Nut 43 mm
Width At Last Fret 56 mm
Thickness At 1st Fret 19 mm
Thickness At 12th Fret 21 mm

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