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believe it or not, it LIGHTS UP!

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The Ibanez JEM20TH Steve Vai Limited Edition Guitar commemorates two decades (1987 – 2007) of the extraordinary and ground-breaking JEM Series of electric guitars. But this time his JEM isn’t the original basswood or the later alder. It’s made of something completely different, it’s got completely new pickups … and believe it or not, it LIGHTS UP! Contoured body with 24-fret Prestige neck provides easy access to all registers. Deep routed tremolo cavities allow pitches to be radically lowered and raised.&nbsp. Vai’s choice of specific DiMarzio® pickups for this musical instrument combined with Ibanez Split-5 wiring provide incredible tonal versatility. Steve Vai’s Universe – the guitar that ignited 7-string revolution – allows almost effortless transition from 6- to 7-string techniques.

Unique Features of Ibanez JEM20TH Steve Vai 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar:

– 5pc JEM Prestige neck,
– Hand-made acrylic resin body,
– 3D multi-color body inside,
– 6105 frets,
– Edge Pro bridge,
– DiMarzio Trans JEM pickups.
Features + Technical Specs
Model NameJEM20TH Steve Vai 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
SeriesSteve Vai Series
BodyHand-made acrylic resin : 3D multi-color inside
Neck5pc JEM Prestige neck
Neck TypeJEM Prestige
FingerboardRosewood, Radius 430mm
Frets6105 frets
InlayPearl/ Abalone Vine
PickupsNeckPU: DiMarzio Trans JEM
BridgePU: DiMarzio Trans JEM
MiddlePU: DiMarzio Trans JEM
BridgeEdge Pro bridge
Scale Length648 mm (25.5â€)
Width at Nut43 mm
Width At Last Fret56 mm
Thickness At 1st Fret19 mm
Thickness At 12th Fret21 mm

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