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Stereo Delay/Echo.

DE7 Delay/Echo Pedal

The Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo Pedal delivers both high-tech or vintage tape echo sounds at the throw of a switch. Capable of 30 ms to 2.6 seconds of delay time. Time, repeat, level, and a Range Switch allow for quick, precise control of your Ibanez DE7. Add new dimensions to your sound with the DE7 Delay/Echo pedal. Get the best of both worlds: high tech digital sounds comparable to expensive rack units or warm vintage tape echo sounds–all with a simple flick of the switch. TIME, REPEAT and LEVEL controls help you dial in just the right amount of delay, while stereo outputs can be used for a more spacious sound. With a range of 30ms to 2.6 seconds, the DE7 is the only sound solution for every playing situation.

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