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the perfect match for your musical instrument

From delicate finger picking to pounding Rock ‘N’ Roll, this all-new Playboy Gretsch guitar amplifier is the perfect match for your musical instrument. No master volumes or channel switching, just plug in, find your sweet spot, and let it rip! Features include all tube circuitry, point-to-point wiring, finger-jointed pine cabinets, and two-tone heavy-duty space-age vinyl covering. Hand made in U.S.A. by Victoria Amp Company.

In addition to its exceptional tone and quality, the Gretsch guitar amplifier is also incredibly easy to use. Unlike other amplifiers that can have complicated controls and channel switching, this Gretsch amp has a simple plug-and-play design. Once you plug in your Gretsch guitar, all you need to do is find your sweet spot and let the amplifier do the rest.

The finger-jointed pine cabinets not only look great, but they also help to enhance the overall sound quality of the amplifier. This is due to the natural resonance of the wood, which adds warmth and depth to the tone. The all-tube circuitry also plays a significant role in the amplifier’s exceptional sound quality. Tubes have a unique sound compared to solid-state components, providing a warm, vintage tone that is highly sought after by many musicians.

Overall, the Gretsch guitar amplifier is a top-of-the-line product that has been meticulously designed to complement Gretsch musical instruments. From its handcrafted construction to its exceptional tone and quality, this amplifier is the perfect choice for any musician looking to take their sound to the next level.

Features + Technical Specs
TypeAll Tube
Output15 Watts
Ohms8 Ohms
Speakers1-12″ Eminence Legend
ChannelsSingle Channel, 1 Input
FeaturesAll Hand Wired Chassis
Chrome Control Panel
Finger Jointed Pine Cabinet
Tremolo Intensity
Tremolo Speed
Covering2-Tone Space Age Vinyl
Weight35 lbs (16 kg)
DimensionsHeight: 21″ (54 cm)
Width: 23″ (59 cm)
Depth: 10″ (26 cm)
AccessoriesComes with 1 Button Footswitch for Tremolo On/Off
SoundClean to Mean
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