Epiphone Limited Edition WildKat Guitar Review :: Electric Guitars

semi-hollow body perfect for rock, blues and country.

Sunrise Orange Electric Guitar Image

Epiphone’s made the Wildkat even wilder with this Limited Edition version WidlKat guitar in gorgeous Sunrise Orange. With its vintage chrome P-90 pickups and Bigsby vibrato, this Epiphone original semi-hollow body is perfect for rock, blues and country. And, the highly Flamed Maple top sure looks good too! The Epiphone WildKat electric guitar – this wild guitar has a lot to catch the fancy of all kinds of players: chrome Vibratone tailpiece for vintage detail, flamed maple top for gorgeous looks, and 2 Alnico V P-90s for hot-rodded tone. Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, mahogany sides and back, and body and neck binding. Limited lifetime warranty.

Sound of Epiphone WildKat Limited Edition Electric Guitar

  • the overall tone is rich, warm, and smooth, clean tone;
  • you get great highs, lows and mids with it;
  • a beautiful, airy, clear, tone with lots of high end extension and large component of nice accoustic character;
  • dirty bottomend that growls but also able to play clean beautiful jazz parts and belt out the blues like a crying baby;
  • the sound is huge and can be slightly boomy on the low end if playing with distortion;
  • full but hot sound on the bridge that dosen’t get shrill.

Pros of Epiphone WildKat Limited Edition Electric Guitar

  • a great guitar for the price;
  • jazz box;
  • the P-90’s work great for blues, jazz, country, rock-a-billy, jazz, swing, and even metal, punk;
  • cool sound, great finish, easy action adjustment and high-end features for low-end bucks;
  • awesome playability and the clean tone is wonderful;
  • it can accurately produce thousands of tones;
  • thin neck but with a thick feeling to it;
  • you can reach all the frets;
  • the body is surprisingly thin for a hollow body;
  • very good for beginner students;
  • the body materials and semi-hollow construction really add to the tone;
  • stays in tune very well.

Cons of Epiphone WildKat Limited Edition Electric Guitar

  • you can’t get too rough with the Bigsby but for subtle effect it works reasonable well;
  • the strings it comes with break because of sharp tune-o-matic saddles and the saddles need springs to hold the screws in;
  • knobs and pickups selector covers are cheap.

Suggestions for this Epiphone Guitar

  • adjust the action slightly if you get fret buzz;
  • it will go out of tune if you use the tremelo too much;
  • use big, flatwound strings;
  • TonePros locking bridge helps with tuning stability;
  • you’d might as well consider Ibanez Artcore, Gretsch Tennessee Rose, Gretsch Nashville;
  • change the saddles for Graph Techs.

Amps & Effects used by users – Roland Micro cube, Fender 2×12 Deville all-tube amp, Marshall

Features + Technical Specs
Pickups:2 alnico P90’s
Nut Width:1.68″
Neck:Maple, set
Inlay:dot inlays
Body Material:Mahogany
Top:Flame Maple
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