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Epiphone Ripper is back from the past with a few new features straight from the Epiphone Custom Shop. With a hard maple body and matching maple neck and fingerboard, the Epiphone Ripper Limited Edition is a bass players’ delight. The back of the neck has a satin finish for smooth feel while the fingerboard is a high gloss polyurethane finish to give years of protection. For great sustain, it’s got added a brass nut and a bolt on style bridge giving maximum transfer of sound. Add to that a new PJ pickup configuration with individual volume controls, master tone and a three way toggle, the Epiphone Ripper delivers a complete tonal spectrum from thundering rock lines to delicate jazz counterpoint.

Unique Features of Epiphone Ripper Bass Guitar:

– ’70s Gibson Ripper design
– Hard maple body
– Hard maple neck
– Maple fingerboard
– Satin neck finish
– Durable polyurethane finish on the fretboard
– Brass nut for added sustain
– Single-coil/split-coil pickup combination
– 2 volume controls
– Master tone
– 3-way switching

Pros of Epiphone Ripper Limited Edition Bass Guitar

  • Good playability;
  • Great both for picking and playing with fingers;
  • The pickups provide a very nice warm sound;
  • Great for player with a bit more experience than a beginner;
  • The top of the neck is really thin;
  • It’s a good solid bass built on a Ripper-like body;
  • The passive pickups eliminate the need for a battery;
  • Great for playing early Green Day;
  • It’s a good value at a great price.

Cons of Epiphone Ripper Limited Edition Bass Guitar

  • The passive pickups works good , but an active pickups will improve much better this guitar;
  • The electronics looks cheap;
  • Too big and heavy; some players complains about some shoulderpain and backaches after couple hours;
  • Because of its huge size, ordering a hard-shell case could be hard.


  • recommend the stock Gibson hard-shell case, but the spacious Coffin bag works perfectly;
  • get a pair of strap locks for added security;
  • use DR Black Beauties Coated Strings for fast and smooth sound and for extra life and protection;
  • for those who like to stretch their notes, you can use “The Player’s Choice” D’Addario EXL120 Nickel Strings, known for it’s distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation;
  • some players used this guitar with the Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner.
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