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beautifully crafted instrument of flawless detail.

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A beautifully crafted instrument of flawless detail.
You’ll love the light weight and comfortable neck of the 1965 Elitist Epiphone Casino. The Elite series are musical instruments that approach custom shop perfection. Crafted with premium woods, fitted with American pickups and circuitry — even American-made toggle switches and Grover tuners–they’re made at a special factory devoted to their manufacture where they receive a high degree of hands-on luthier attention. You’ll find the Elitist Epiphone Casino guitar true to the original made famous by The Beatles. A finely crafted, great-sounding, and easy-playing instrument that beautifully blurs the line between Epiphone guitars and Gibson. Includes hardshell case.

This is an instrument that approaches custom shop perfection. The Elite series are instruments that approach custom shop perfection.

Sound of Epiphone Elitist Casino Electric Guitar

  • a really nice warm (but quite bright) tone;
  • bright and clear, distinct;
  • sounds like an acoustic with a pickup in it;
  • it’ll feedback if you want it to;
  • it has a wealth of tones that go from shimmer to simmer, and slight tweaks of tone and volume controls allow quite a range of sounds;
  • not really for those who are into a lot of modulation effects;
  • the strings have a very equal volume, which makes open chords (the true test of a guitars tone) sound rich and without any dischordant overtones;
  • the P-90 pickups can get full, clean tones or dull, darker blues tones;
  • solos and licks are limited;
  • nails the 65 and later sounds ;
  • very Beatle-ish.

Pros of Epiphone Elitist Casino Electric Guitar

  • very light despite its size;
  • the neck is so fast and slim, thin style, very comfortable;
  • the perfect guitar for any rhythm guitarist;
  • built sturdy, of the highest quality;
  • great spacing and height at the nut;
  • top drawer hardware and electronics;
  • durable poly finish, quality neck inlays;
  • very good action;
  • the P90s are excellent pickups and cover a very broad musical range, quite versatile, except hard-rock of course;
  • Gibson truss rod plate cover;
  • awesome case.

Cons of Epiphone Elitist Casino Electric Guitar

  • inaccessability of the upper register; it is impossible to go beyond the 18th fret.;
  • solos and licks are limited;
  • not really for those who are into a lot of modulation effects.

Suggestions for this Epiphone Guitar

  • it looks and sounds even better if you take the pickgaurd off;
  • you’d might want to consider using tube amps;
  • if you’re into a lot of modulation effects you might have some issues; stick a phaser on it;
  • if buzzing occurs – you’d might think of checking up the two small nuts on the tailpiece facing the bridge.

Amps & Effects used by users – Fender Deluxe, 10 watt all tube, Fender Cyber Twin SE212, AC30, Traynor YSR-1 head & Mesa Cab, Vox Valvetronix head, Fender Princeton Chorus, Line 6 DM4 for compression and distortion effects, TC Electronic chorus, JCM 2000 DSL50, Fender Blues Jr, chorus amd compression pedal, Rickenbacker 360/12, Marshall 30DFX, overdrive and distortion pedals, MXR Distortion II, mix of chorus/delay/reverb effects, Traynor YCV-20, Traynor YBA-4, BF 1965 Bassman, BF 1967 Bandmaster, pedalboard with a TS-9, Reverend Drivetrain II, Dan-Echo, Crybaby

Features + Technical Specs
Neck1-pc Mahogany, 22 fret
Neck JointSet, 19th fret
Nut1-11/16″, Bone
Top5-Ply Maple
Back5-Ply Maple
Sides5-Ply Maple
Rhythm PUP90R (Gibson USA Single-Coil)
Treble PUP90T (Gibson USA Single-Coil)
Controls2-V, 2-T; 3-Way Pickup Selector
Machine headsGrover
StringsGibson USA
FinishesVintage Sunburst, Natural
These musical instruments offer includes: hardshell case

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